This is our current range of prefabricated shade canopies for hire.

If you'd like to book one of these shades for your event just get in touch.

Squelch Alien

Size - 13.5m / 22m dia.

Area - 120m2 / 345m2

Fractal Tree

Size - 18m dia.

Area - 210m2

Crystal Mandala

Size - 15m / 25m dia.

Area - 145m2 / 400m2

Gardens of Babylon

Size - 27m dia.

Area - 460m2

Winged Mandala

Size - 16m x 22m dia.

Area - 350m2


Size - 16m dia.

Area ~ 160m2


Size - 14m dia.

Area ~ 140m2


Size - 14m dia.

Area ~ 140m2